News 2

You and I have seen it and we both recognise the serious impact that conflict can have on our working lives and the working lives of others. Conflict which goes unresolved is debilitating. It can lead to heightened levels of anxiety and worry and dominate your thinking, often leading to lack of sleep and illness.
When it comes to considering some of the key fundamentals of a modern workplace e.g. employee engagement, performance management, talent retention, innovation, a positive working environment – conflict has the potential to undermine all of them – and does so on a much too regular basis.
Business owners and managers get trained in many facets of their business – technical and soft skills. With managers losing on average 30% of their time in wasteful conflict, the time has come to do something about it.
The first thing is to recognise that it is simply a matter of poor behaviour. The second thing is to provide your managers with specialised conflict behaviour training and/or coaching that will give them a plan to predetermined goals. The results for the individual and the business are immense.